Friday, December 30, 2016


PENGANTAR: Sahabat, saya posting TL anak saya, Lily Hikam, mengenai relasi antara agama dan Pancasila, terutama kritiknya terhadap klaim dan interpretasi sepihak yg menyatakan bahwa hanya Islam yang sesuai dengan Pancasila. Klaim dan interpretasi seperti itu bukan saja secara konseptual perlu dibantah, tetapi juga merupakan kebohongan yang berpotensi menimbulkan perpecahan dalam masyarakat Indonesia. Silakan menyimak.

By Lily Hikam

In this post-Christmas-pre-New-Year's limbo, I'm glad for still being in school since that means I'm still in vacation mode, unlike my working friends who have to physically go to work but are mentally checking out.

So of course I'm checking my newsfeed, in between taking my dog out for a walk and eating anything edible I can find in the pantry. That's when I find this precious little gem (see attached image) by J--ru (I'm not writing that man's name on my TL. Ew). Basically what he said is that the only religion that is in accordance with Pancasila is Islam because only Islam adheres to the Monotheistic tradition of having only ONE God.

Umm okay...was I sleepwalking for 26 years or something? I'm pretty sure there is more than one monotheistic religion recognized by the country. Dude, you clearly need a crash course in World Religions 101. Or maybe you have never taken such course in your life because your self righteousness prevents you from learning about other religions just in case it will make you less "islamic" or whatever. But here it goes: Islam comes after Christianity and Judaism. All three of which are referred to as Abrahamic religions, because they all descended from the prophet Abraham AS. All three religions worship the God of Abraham; all three religions believe in the same creation mythos. Since they all come from Abraham, they have the same prophets and believe in only one omnipotent God. While there may be differences in worship, they are in fact monotheistic religions and they believe in ONE God.

So now that you know your history of religion, your statement that only Islam is a suitable religion for Indonesia because of Pancasila is a bunch of crap. Not only is it full of lies, but it is a divisive lie that can potentially threaten the inter-religion dynamics in our country. You are inciting confusion and ultra-religious sentiment among people who don't know any better (yourself included). Also by saying that Muslims can also "forbid" other religions because it's not adhering to the first principle of Pancasila sounds disturbingly ISIS-like of you. Are you saying that the Muslims in Indonesia are within their rights to demand the outlawing of other religions other than their own? Too bad for you there's still this one piece of document, the Constitution of 1945, that guarantees citizens their right to worship.

I agree with you that Islam is a tolerant religion. We are a religion of peace. Our religion's name comes from the arabic concepts for submission, safeness, tolerance and peace. But what you are advocating for does not project the image of Islam as a religion of peace, but as a religion of hatred and intolerance. The Islam I know is the Islam where Muslim restaurant owners organize free Christmas dinner because nobody should be alone during the holidays; the Islam I know is the Islam where young Muslim men guard churches on Christmas eve and Christmas day so that their fellow citizens can attend mass in peace. This is my Islam, what about yours? Your Islam seems more concerned in what makes Islam different from the other religions, an Islam that very easily declare someone an "Infidel" just because they have differing opinions from you. That doesn't seem like a religion of tolerance and peace to me.

It's true that many of our brothers and sisters in different parts of the world are being discriminated against by those of a different religion. But does that make it alright for us to do the same? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Prophet Muhammad SAW never teach vengeance on our enemies, instead He told us to forgive them, which is an even harder thing to do in practice. We need to be a friendly Islam or in the words of Gus Dur, "Islam yang rahmatan lil alamin; Islam yang mengayomi semua orang yang menjadi berkah dan member kasih sayang tanpa pandang bulu kepada siapa pun di dunia."

End of rant. Peace out!


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