Monday, November 9, 2020


By Lily Hikam*)
Congratulations is in order to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for being elected President-Vice President of the United States of America (2020-2024). In the midst of celebrating, however, never lose focus of the fact that a Biden-Harris administration is still an administration that one needs to be critical of.

Some things one needs to demand and be critical of the new administration are:
1. Economic stimulus (universal basic income) for the remainder of the pandemic.
2. Universal Healthcare.
3. A concrete plan to deal with the looming climate crisis --> no more fossil fuel subsidies
4. Criminal justice and police reform.
5. Ending the wars/military occupations/sanctions.
6. Whistle-blower protection.
7. Easing tensions with other countries possessing nuclear weapons.
8. Wall St regulations.
9. Student loan debt crisis.
10. A progressive taxation scheme to ensure the wealth gap doesn't keep increasing.
11. Strengthening the social welfare system.
And many more...

Do I think Biden & Harris will do any meaningful changes with regards to any of these points? Based on their track records: No, or at the very least they'll just make minor tweaks around the edges and call it a day.

That's why, just because Democrats are back in the White House doesn't mean everything's fine. The electorate can't go back to brunches and stop their activism and organizing. If anything, the real work has just begun.

Congratulations America! *) PhD in Biochemistry, School of Medicine University of California at Irvine (UCI), USA


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